Madison County Association of the Blind, Inc. Incorporated September 21, 1956 BYLAWS Revised March, 2010

ARTICLE I – Names This organization shall be known as the Madison County Association of the Blind, Incorporated, of Madison County, Illinois, an affiliate of the Illinois Council of the Blind, Incorporated. Fiscal year is from May 1st through April 30th

ARTICLE II – Objectives To promote an improved quality of life for the blind and visually impaired persons.

ARTICLE III – Membership SECTION 1 – Regular Membership Any legally blind person of Madison County or surrounding area, sixteen years of age or older may apply for membership. Applicant must be present at the time of returning application.

SECTION 2 Associate MembershipSighted persons with a demonstrated interest in the legally blind who a re sixteen years of age or older and are accepteds by the majority of members in attendance at any regular meeting. Applicant must be present at the time of returning application but asked to leave the room during discussion and vote.

SECTION 3 – Life Membership A regular or an associate member, who has had interest and been active in Madison County Association of the Blind for 25 Years.
SECTION 4 – Honorary Membership Shall be awarded to anyone who has been recommended by or through an elected officer of the association and received a majority of the affirmative votes of those regular and associate members in attendance at the regular meeting.

SECTION 5- Safety A regular or associate member who operates a wheelchair, walker, crutches or any other device must not place any member in jeopardy orphysical harm. Members must also furnish their own assistant.

ARTICLE IV – Termination of Membership Any member may be dropped from the roll of the association for misconduct, subversive activities, or failure to comply with the bylaws of the association. Termination of membership shall become effective when majority of the members in attendance at any regular meeting votes in the affirmative. The individual may not apply for reinstatement for 90 days. Persons not paying dues for a period of one year are automatically terminated.

ARTICLE V – Officers and Directors SECTION 1. The president, and vice president of the association must be legally blind. The secretary and treasurer may be sighted if no legally blind person qualifies for these offices. Officers shall be elected for a two year term and have been members for at least one year upon taking office. Officers shall take office at the first regular meeting in June.

SECTION 2. The president shall serve as executive officer of the association, preside over the meetings of the membership and board of directors, serve ex officio on all committees, exercise general supervision over all affairs of the association and perform such duties as are ordinarily incumbent upon the president. The president shall appoint all committees and shall represent the association in all relations with the Illinois Council of the Blind and the American Council of the Blind. The president shall be the official delegate to the Illinois Council of the Blind Convention.

SECTION 3. The vice president shall perform such duties as are ordinarily incumbent upon a vice president, and such other duties as may be assigned by the president or board of directors.

SECTION 4. The secretary shall keep and maintain the minutes of all the meetings, shall call the roll and keep attendance records, shall be responsible for all correspondence and carry out other duties as are ordinarily incumbent upon the secretary.

SECTION 5. The treasurer shall keep a financial record, shall collect dues, shall collect any and all other money due the association, shall write checks and dispense funds as directed by the president or by the action of the membership at any regular meeting. The treasurer shall maintain a month to month balance. The president, treasurer and vice president shall be authorized to sign checks and negotiable instruments. The treasurer shall be responsible to give a monthly report at the meetings as designated by the president.

SECTION 6. The secretary and/or treasurer may designate a sighted person to assist with printed communication. However, the designated person must be acceptable and approved by the board of directors. The individual must be a member and agree to accept all legal responsibilities of the office to which he or she is assisting.

ARTICLE VI – Directors There shall be a board of directors consisting of president, immediate past president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and two members at large. Elected by the members for a two year term. The president can not vote but for the exception to break a tie.

ARTICLE VII-Election Procedure SECTION 1. The president shall appoint a nominated committee at least thirty days(30) prior to election. The committee shall consist of a chairman and two members. They shall submit the names of a slate of officers, one candidate for each office for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and two board members. This slate shall be presented to the entire membership at the regular meeting in the month of April in the year the election is to be held. The committee shall submit the slate only as a recommendation. After a motion to receive the slate of candidates, additional nominations may be made from the floor. The balloting shall be in Braille or ink. Three judges shall be appointed one who can read Braille, one who can read ink and the third shall tabulate and read the results. A successful candidate must receive a majority of votes cast. When a majority of votes have not been received by one of the candidates, the candidate receiving the least number of votes shall be dropped from the list and another ballot taken. The procedure shall be continued until a single candidate receives a majority. SECTION 2. Regular and associate members in good standing have the right to nominate and vote.

SECTION 3. In case of an office vacancy, the president shall appoint a successor to fill that vacancy with the approval of the board of directors. The appointee shall serve until the next officers’ election.

SECTION 4. Two delegates and two alternative delegates, a first and a second, shall be elected in April of each year prior to the Illinois Council of the Blind Convention.

ARTICLE VIII – Meetings SECTION 1. Regular meetings shall be held the first Thursday of the month. The president has the right to call a special meeting of the entire membership when he/she deems it necessary in the best interest of the membership.

SECTION 2. Special meetings for special events shall be submitted to a vote of the membership at the regular meeting if and when possible.

SECTION 3. A special meeting may also be called for any purpose with a written signature of two elected officers and any other three (3) regular or associate members. This request must be served to the entire membership at least five (5) days before the requested meeting date.

ARTICLE IX – Revenue SECTION 1. Annual membership dues shall be $5 with a $1 initiation fee for new and reinstated membership. Each regular or associate member shall pay his/her dues at the January meeting. After the March meeting the member is delinquent and a $1 penalty will be added. Members not in good standing because of dues may be reinstated by the payment of full membership and a penalty of $1.

SECTION 2. Members who are not in good standing for being delinquent in dues shall not be entitled to benefits unless they are reinstated 30 days prior to any event and would be expected to pay full amount of the event, the same as a non-member.

SECTION 3. Contributions and fund raising will be part of the general revenue of the association unless otherwise specified.

SECTION 4. All dues and special assessments must cover the entire membership equally. No discrimination shall be given to a regular or associate member.

SECTION 5. Charges to special events, regardless of the event, whether they be transportation, entertainment, food or expenses shall be determined by a vote of the membership.

SECTION 6. All expenditures authorized and made by the membership or the Board of Directors shall be documented by itemized bills or receipts when submitted for payment to the treasurer. These shall include but is not limited to: meals, lodging, transportation, emergencies, memorials, supplies and MCAB phone calls.

ARTICLE X – Affiliate Dues The association shall pay the affiliate dues as required to the Illinois Council for the Blind (ICB) yearly.

ARTICLE XI – Incorporation The Madison County Association of the Blind, Inc., of the State of Illinois is incorporated for the purpose of meeting the affiliate standard of the ICB. It is a not-for-profit corporation and as such pays an annual corporation fee to the State of Illinois. The association shall have all the powers granted by the general not-for-profit corporation act of the State of Illinois, particularly those enumerated in Section 103.10 of said act.

ARTICLE XII – Privileges of Officers and Members SECTION 1. The president has the right to authorize the expenditure by the treasurer of not more than $40.00 for any emergency needs with the consent of the Board of Directors.

SECTION 2. Gifts, grants and contributions made in the name of the association from whatever source become part of the assets of the association.

ARTICLE XIII – Memorial Fund SECTION 1. There shall be a $40 memorial fund available for the members, their spouses, parents, children, step-parents, and step-children. Immediate family including brothers and sisters. SECTION 2. Plants, flowers, or fruit will be sent to a member that is in the hospital three (3) days. Not to exceed $40 for one time a year for each member.

ARTICLE XIV – Conventions SECTION 1. The annual ICB convention shall be attended by the president who is the official delegate and two elected delegates. If either elected delegate is unable to attend, the first alternate delegate will attend in his/her place. The second alternate delegate will fill the second vacancy. If the president is unable to attend, the vice president will fill that vacancy.

SECTION 2. Transportation, food, lodging and registration shall be provided for only the three designated delegates attending not to exceed $50 per delegate for the convention. If a donated vehicle is not available, the most economical transportation will be used. A single room rate shall be provided to each delegate as a lodging allowance if funds are available. Delegates can share their room. If the room rate changes, if there are more people that share the room, the members will pay the difference in cost.

SECTION 3. All receipts for expenses paid are to be turned in to the treasurer upon return from the convention.

SECTION 4. A report of the convention activities shall be given by the delegates to the membership at the next regular meeting following the convention.

ARTICLE XV – Amendments SECTION 1. Amendments to these bylaws may be recommended as the membership deems necessary. Amendments must be submitted in writing and read at two (2) consecutive meetings of the association. The vote on the amendment may be taken after the second reading.

SECTION 2. The secretary shall incorporate the amendments into the bylaws in the appropriate places immediately after the vote approving them so that the bylaws will always be current. Copies of the latest bylaws should then be available for the membership at the next regular meeting.