2017 Christmas Party/Dinnerclick here

2017 Christmas Party/Dinner

Come one and come all. If you have vision or not you are invited to our celebration.

On Thursday, December 7, 2017.

Dinner will be at the Alton Senior center, located at 2603 North Rodgers, Alton, Illinois.

Arrive at 5 o’clock pm. Dinner starts at 6 o ‘clock pm. Gift exchange, and Entertainment after dinner. The dinner will be prepared by the cooks at the senior center. The dinner will consist of a Salad, meat; pork chop, potatoes; scalloped, and vegetable; corn.

Some of the members will provide desserts


If everyone can bring a gift, we will have a gift exchange, the gift needs to be inexpensive try to keep it under $10. There are lots of things, such as cookies, candy, cheeses, fruit cakes, summer sausages, peanuts, mixed nuts, etc. just to name a few inexpensive items

If any member is to bring a guest, please inform our secretary as soon as possible. Any nonmember may be asked to pay a 10 $donation for their dinner.

Hope to visit with all of the members, see you there.

Depending on the weather, the next regular meeting will be January 4, 2018. The meeting will be at the senior center here in Alton, at 1 until 2 pm.