We saw the Little mermaid at the Muny

On Monday, June 26, 2017 some of the members of Madison County Association of the Blind. Had the opportunity to attend The Muny and watch the play DisneysThe Little Mermaid. I would like to say thank you to Lewis and Clark Community College for the rental of the very comfortable van.

We arrived awhile the preshow was going on. The few musicians that we saw were very good. There was children there with their families that was dancing around and doing gymnastics on the lawn. The weather was really nice not to hot or to cold. Every one was given a hand fan at the start of the play but we didn’t really need one.

When we arrived at our seats the concert master was having the orchestra play different songs from the play. This way they can get warmed up for the play. They did a very good job at their job. The play went along with the movie. But just a little bit different.

Before the play got started there was a puppet on a large six to eight foot pole that turned out to be Jeffrey Schecter (Scuttle) Emma Degerstedt (Ariel) did a very good job in her role. She was watching Jason Gotay (Prince Eric) in his boat. At the surface where her father (King Triton) who was preformed by Jerry Dixon. When he found out he was angry with his daughter. One of the reasons that was given that he didn’t like her to go to the surface was because her mother had been killed by someone from the surface. In this play we find out that (Ursula the sea witch) preformed by Emily Skinner was King Tritons sister.

When Ariel went to Ursula to get legs. Which the price of that was to give up her voice. Which is what she did. To get her voice back her father fraught with his sister Ursula and killed her.

This play had a lot of extras they did a very good job. They had extras playing the waves there was about ten of these people. With Ursulas tentacles there was four men playing two tentacles each. Which I could not figure out until the end of the play. With all the extras there was 75 people in this play.

As we were turning in the devices that will describe the play to the blind. The lady that did the description came up to us and told us who she was and that she would be taking a vacation after this play is over with she also wanted to know how the devices worked for the blind.

We have a daughter who has autism and she really enjoyed the play as well. The Little Mermaid was one of the Disney movies that she has enjoyed. All of the Disney movies are pretty much the same boy meets girl fall in love and then they get married.

Thank you again,

Erin Whitehead

Terry Heltsley

Terry Hogan-Heltsley

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