CardnalsBall game

On Tuesday, April 18 th. The members of Madison County Association of the Blind went to a St. Louis Cardinals game. The game began at 7:15. The Cardinals played the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Cardinals won by a score of 2 to 1. The members are given enough tickets for themselves and a few family members. They all enjoyed watching/hearing the game. We are able to apply to receive tickets to two games a year. We get a choice of about 12 different days. Where we are then given tickets to one of the three days that we have chosen.

If someone would like to know how to get the same opportunity. Maybe you can get someone to call your local ball stadium and they may have the same program in your area. No matter what team you cheer for. Let’s all go out to the stadium and cheer for our favorite team

Remember when your at the ballpark. You route, route, route for the home team. Go Cardinals

Madison County Association of the Blind


Terry Hogan-Heltsley

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